It’s the final day of world breastfeeding week, what a better time I to share/document my short lived experience of breastfeeding. Although it was almost 17 months ago now when my breast feeding journey officially begun, all through my pregnancy I knew I wanted to breastfeed despite being discouraged by people around me in the beginning, the problem being the lack of information and beneficial factors from it.

Nearing closer to my due date everyone supported the thought of breastfeeding although I was a 100% clued up on how it was going to be, maybe I was slightly naive and thought it would be as plain sailing as putting my milk producers into my babies mouth and it would be that simple. I mean I had attended a couple of birthing workshops that briefly went over the breastfeeding topic. So I was ready and waiting for the day for the day to arrive.

After delivery was an hour of skin to skin with my new precious bundle of love, feeding time then came next.. I was helped by a healthcare assistant (I think) who was lovely and showed me what to do but he just wasn’t suckling when placed, we kept trying, trying different positions however I found it difficult to hold and position him during to still having a cannula attached to my hand. Once the midwife returned she was very much more direct and did it for me but still nothing he would now and then put his mouth around but that was it and off I was told I need to get out of bed for a bath and get ready to leave the labour ward. “Boys are lazy, he will get the hang of it” was what we were told so off we went to the maternity ward of which my baby boy cried and cried I kept putting him on my boob but it just didn’t feel like he was sucking but I didn’t know what breastfeeding felt like I had heard it hurt but I didn’t feel that.. I just felt his mouth there, I didn’t think it was right but just assumed that must be what it feels like at first. Another midwife came to help, told me to try skin to skin and we tried feeding him again and she was helping place him, trying different positions but no luck and I was left once he had put his mouth around he was getting something from me but not sucking properly. Most of the night he was attached to me wanting to be fed and this is normal for a newborn baby, right?

The next day rolled around and the it was the same attached to me for feeding apart from the odd nap and Doctor checkup, finally later that night we were allowed home after my heart rate was high and I had to stay for observation.

Once at home when my brother held him he kept trying to sucking his finger and rooting so I would try feeding. My mum suggested a dummy but I wasn’t on board as you probably know dummies are not suppose to be introduced until breastfeeding is fully established but nothing would settle him until i finally gave him a dummy which he on rather dramatically.. He must thought it was food. At the time I didn’t know this as I thought he was getting enough milk now I look back and feel terrible but I had told multiple midwives I don’t feel like he is sucking properly but was told again and again he’s a lazy boy, he will start doing it properly soon. The first night at home was spent the same as our first night together, I hardly slept because I was in so much admiration for this little human I created.

The next day was our routine home midwife check up of which I said about I don’t feel as though he’s feeding properly and we tried to feed him while she was there as he was unsettled, we tried for ages and I felt ashamed that I couldn’t feel my baby properly I was being told to try so may different way, why couldn’t I just get it right? And feed him in the right position so he could latch properly? I asked the midwife if I should try formula as he was clearly hungry and wasn’t getting much from me she told me no. He’s a boy and will son know how to do it but I wasn’t convinced. Finally he attached but I still felt like no proper sucking so it was left at that and the midwife went.. later that evening it felt like he had a proper feed and he was sucking.. finally. I was so happy but it was painful. Really painful and it went on for for over an hour. This happened a couple of times. I had even texted my dad at the time saying I felt like he’s finally feeding properly.

The third day postpartum a midwife comes to weigh a breastfed baby to check they are gaining (we had another different midwife as the one i had through pregnancy was on annual leave) as soon as she arrived he was unsettled and didn’t want to be weighed and i expressed my feeding concerns to her so as she held him and looked into his mouth she said “he had a tongue tie, has nobody told you” we were oblivious and didn’t have an idea of what a tongue time was. She explained he’s not latching on because he can’t stretch his tongue out to suckle on to the breast and if he does finally latch on it won’t be correct and will be very sore. This explained it all. She sat with me for ages trying to get him to latch on trying so many different things that we had not been aware of before, he finally latched on and had a little feed. She then proceeded to weigh him and he was just over the percentage of not gaining enough weight which meant she had to ring the hospital to book us in to be checked, she explained the reason is because he can’t latch on and get enough food. I felt awful, like a failure. A couple hours later we arrived to the children’s ward but he cried and cried when we arrived so we tried to feed with a nurse trying to take measurements, and tests while he was so unsettled and upset, we asked for a feeding cup and I managed to express a little milk by hand to feed him but it wasn’t much and thats when i broke down, i couldnt hold it in, the hormones had set in and i cried i felt awfuk my newborn baby was starcing and i couldnt give him enough food as he couldnt latch for it. We were there hours he had blood tests and we had to wait for the results in the waiting room. The staff we so lovely and helpful, bringing me food, giving me words of encouragement he had checks by different doctors. We seen the doctor the checked him while we were still on the maternity ward who had given him the all clear and didn’t pick up the tongue tie and was still saying he didn’t have or there may be a light one but the midwife and nurses picked up still trailhead away and it was quite clear the end of his tongue made a heart shaped because it was so attached. While we were waiting we were given formula discussed and advised by a doctor and nurse due to how unsettled and hungry he was. We were given the newborn prepare 70ml bottles and he downed three quarters of it, finally he was getting a substantial amount of milk. The results came back and he was slightly jaundice showing up in his liver but they weren’t worried, they knew the reason for this his tongue tie of which they sent off to be checked by a specialist. We were told to come back the next day with a plan of action of which was to feed off the breast which clearly wasn’t working but to try and if fails to express and feed him the expressed milk and and then to top up on formula. We carried on like this all through the night and next morning. Although I wasn’t able to express much about 1-2oz each feed my nappies were extremely sore and blistered by this point from the extreme sucking, lack of latching and the constant pumping. Once at the hospital more tests were taken and we waited hours again but everything was nearly back to normal.

Back home we carried on with our plan of action for a few days but I was exhausted and so sore, recovering from labour, my extremely sore nipples and lack of sleep. When I next saw the midwife I expressed how I felt and she suggested that I do what’s best for me and my baby. Honestly at the time I just wanted my baby to be fed and satisfied not starving after every breastfed try. I then came to the decision to exclusively bottle feed from then on and I felt absolutely awful, like had failed but I knew it was the best thing to do for the health of my child he needed food which he couldn’t currently get from me. Thank you to the midwife who noticed and supported me. Although we still have not seen that specialist but have been told they wouldn’t do it now as it didn’t affect his feeding anymore it will only happen in the future if it affects his speech which I hope it doesn’t. I also now know i didn’t fail as a mother, I tried my best at the time but unfortunately breastfeeding didn’t work out for us, Louie has always been a healthy, happy, content little boy from that day on, he slept through the night from 13 weeks was just a very contented baby that rarely cried, I feel so blessed. He is my absolute world and the best thing to happen to me.

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How was your breastfeeding journey? I would love to know..

Paige xo


The Month of August

Summer is very temperamental in England i want to enjoy it while it lasts even if we are all sweaty overheated messes because of this heatwave that we have going on… see what I mean with temperamental, we just aren’t used to this extremely hot weather. This is the second summer for my little Louie, however last year he was just a little baby so he couldn’t fully enjoy or understand what was going on, this year I want t make the most of it now that he is always on the go, and I’ve been thinking about what I want us to do this summer.

The main thing I want to do this summer is of course just make memories, take pictures, have copious amounts od fun and just spend time together. But I’ve come up with a list of things/activities I aim to do this summer!

Strawberry picking
I have never actually been strawberry picking buy have always wanted to go and now that I have a little one who is just that old enough to now go and enjoy I am defintly going to be doing that this year.

Have BBQs
Summer is the time to make the most of having BBQs and every year we always regret not having many so this year we are going to attempt to have a few more BBQs to enjoy the sunchine and FOOD!

Go to the seaside and not just to my home town
Currenty I live in a town that does not have a beach, ad our nearest one is over an hour and a half away which is something I wasn’t use to when I first moved here as I grew up in aseaside town and now I only ever go the beach when I go back home to visit family. This year I want to make the effort to go to a beach that isn’t just in my hometown but we will see.

Go to an outdoor cinema
I have always wanted to go to an outdoor cinema as its something different and is just something that you can make the most of during summer, I’m hoping that there will be somewhere in our area that we can go to as unfrotunelty about a week or so ago there was one really local to us and it was fully booked as I left it too late to get tickets! which I always do and hate myself for and is something I need to improve one… don’t keep putting things off!

Be more adventurous and explore different places
I love visiting new places and finding new things to do to have fun and create memories… so, yeah I am defintily goig to try and make the most of the rare sun we have been having and go exploring our local area a lot more.

Visit national trust placesFootball Fun
we have a national trust membership as we love visiting our local national trust site but I want to start making the most of our membership and start visiting other national trust places to explore.. I guess this sort of coincides with the previous point but I have given it its own point just because.

Get better at taking pictures/improve my picture game
This one isn’t just for summer but I would like to improve it now, y’know with the natural lighting, summer days out etc.. I would also like to improve my camera knowledge and improve my editing sk2018-08-02-07-31-32-1.jpgills for the ‘gram.

Take more videos for memories
When I was pregnant I vowed to take loads and loads of videos so that Louie could look back on his life when hes all grown up, unfortunetly I haven’t stuck to that as much as I would have liked so during the summer I am defintily going to try and video a lot more also aiming to carry that on once summer has long gone

Improve my blog and keep consistent
Not going to lie I’m a little(very) rubbish at being consistent with my blog, ive wanted to start a blog for a looooong time but never had the confidence to just go for it and when I finally have I constantly knock myself back and still have no confidence but I just want to write and post what I want as most importantly I created this blog for myself so that I can look back on in years to come and if people read and relate then that’s great  but I do want to improve my blog game which ties in with picture taking as I want to take more for my blog and just forget about all the insecurities and lack of confidence I have and JUST DO IT and be consistent while I’m at it!

Be confident
I mean this in more than one way, the main reason I am aiming for during summer is be more confident in what I wear. Normally when summer rolls around I keep myself covered up no matter how sweat dripping that may be. However this year I am to change that and wear what I like and not feel ashamed to get my legs put or shows bit of skin as that’s what summers about, right?

Have picnics
Part of summer is going on picnics right?! It’s the time where we can enjoy food in the sunshine in the outdoors all while having fun and enjoying company!

Go to a local summer event
I’m not usually one to go to many of our towns local summer events as I just don’t tend to look what’s going on and then just end up missing out but this year I just want to make that little bit more of an effort to go to a summer event near me.

Adventure seeker

Paige. xo


Toddler Transition

Ever since Louie took his wobbly first steps at Eleven months old there has been no stopping him.. at all. He has been on the go ever since, I quite literally need eyes in the back of my head the majority of the time. Every milestone has and is an indescribable feeling of emotions, am I right?! Or am I just little a bit of an emotional wreck when it comes to my little bambino?

Louie's adventures

Fast forward Three months and he is well and truly a toddler! But honestly where have those months gone? He seems to be developing and growing at a 100 miles, everyday he is learning or doing something new from walking to running, showing affection and emotions to learning words, kicking a ball to throwing it in my face (showing affection, ay?) even the odd tantrum throwing is added in for good measure – everyday is a new chance to expand their knowledge and understanding of the world. I feel a so proud of everything he can do including the beckoning for birds because they are his fave, the “woof woof” sounds he makes to copy his BFF, the cuddles and kisses he showers the people in close to him, the confidence has when walking (running more often than not), the little dances he does, the new words he says “oh no” is quite a firm favourite. Anyway I think that’s enough rambling from me about all the little achievements and milestones I love, but I just want to remember it all. It’s so amazing to watch my little human grow every single day.

People say that once you have a child to cherish every moment because it goes so quickly, it really does and I don’t quite think you understand that until you have one of your own! Time just flashes in front of you. It feels like a lifetime ago that I had a tiny little newborn and I’ve loved every (almost) minute.

Watching my baby turning into a little boy is absolutely amazing yet so emotional at the same time. Proudness literally radiates from me from day to day. Yes, I may need eyes in the back of my head now as he runs off to find something he can get his hands on (or mouth – everything goes in the mouth) but that keeps me fit too, right?!
Everyday more and more of his personality and character shines through and to be honest I couldn’t be more proud of the little boy he is turning into. The transitioning from baby to toddler has been amazing, fun and a little tiring but it is a transition I am loving to watch especially when he comes over to me to give me a kiss or when we are cuddled up together or when he says mama. Watching a child’s personality and character grow is truly amazing! There is no better feeling in the world than being a mother, am I right?

I just thought I’d share with you how I’m getting on with the baby-toddler transition (so far) … Loving (most) of it! Although slightly sad I no longer have a little baby. How has it been for you? Are you enjoying the transition? Or is it a bit of a difficult one for you?

Paige x

6 ways to organise your life.

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Write everything down

Write lists – To do, shopping lists, any type of lists. Basically just write everything down (or just lists) – Leave notes for yourself so that you don’t forget anything to make life easier. There is nothing worse than going to the shop and forgetting what you actually went there for only to realise when you get back home *face palm*


Catergorise short term and long term to do’s.. so the things that need doing on a daily or that need doing that day will be your shirt term to do and long term to do would be things that need doing and some point but not immediately such as a wardrobe clear out or something like that.. you get my drift. Basically something that you need/want to do but isn’t an important/immediate short term daily to do.
(Short term and long term was the best way I could find to describe this or that’s what I like to call it anyway).

2 minute rule

So you’ve probably heard of the 1 minute rule (Kate Murnane likes to go by it) however I’ve decided on the 2 minute rule as most of the stuff around my house and in my life more than likely take longer than 1 minute but less than 2. I am really trying to stick to this rule and it is very much helping. By sticking to this ‘rule’ it stops all the little 2 minute jobs from building up and taking half an hour or more to do them all at once instead they are done then and there and forgotten about.


Decluttering will help organise your life, such as sorting out the wardrobe, the kids toys, sorting paperwork and by keeping on top of all these things will make life a lot easier and like you’ve got your shit together.

Meal plan

Meal planning for the week ahead will not only contribute to making life more organised but will make each dinner time easier as you know what you are going to cook and will have the ingredients for each meal at home. It will also help you budget for your food shopping which brings me on to my final point….


Keeping track of your monthly or weekly (whichever works for you) outgoings such as bills, food, clothes etc. This will help you keep track of your money and hopefully will help you save by knowing where the money is going and what you could cut back on. There are some great apps out there to help you keep track, just have a little search on the app store/Google play, it makes a difference!


Hope you found these little tips helpful, happy weekend!

Royal news.

I have been wanting to start a blog for an extremely long time, even having set it up months ago but I am too much of a scaredy cat to actually get it going. Let’s just say I’m quite (very much so) an awakard introvet and care a little too much about what people think. Also I’ve been a little skeptical about what my first post should be. However I have decided that doesn’t matter, im going to write this blog primarily for myself and if somebody put there decides they want to give my awkward little blog a read then … yay. I enjoy writing though I may not actually be great at it but I’m going to do it regardless.

Anyway enough of me rambling about stuff you probably don’t really care to read, I came up with a solution to end my ongoing battle with what to create for my post.

The Royal baby. The new Prince.105164549-Royal_baby.530x298

What a better way to start my blog on that to say the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge actually stole my child’s name for their new bundle of love. Yep. You heard that right the King to be saw the name of my son Louie Arthur, loved it so much they just had to name the new Prince after him although they decided to take the traditional and French spelling as that was more fitting for a Royak and I guess they didn’t want to seem like they were completely copying me. We all know that you were but we can pretend it was all a coincidence.

All jokes aside what a lovely name (yes I’m biased) for a lovely new Prince. Obviously he wasn’t named after my son but I won’t lie when I heard it did make me feel rather happy and squeal a little inside aswell as feeling a little proud that I picked a great name that a Prince is now called. I can guarantee there will be a lot of little boys called Louis/Louie Arthur now after the Prince but just so you know my Louie Arthur is the OG.

Congratulations on the new Prince! Louie Arthur Charles

Paige. xo